In a recent interview with German media, Matthias Mueller has suggested Porsche won't be entering Formula One any time soon, but says if Volkswagen was to take part in the championship, Porsche would be the segment of Volkswagen most suitable for the job.
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It was early in October when the Porsche boss first hinted possibilities that Audi, Porsche or Volkswagen could be entering Formula One. He said the company was going to have a sit-down talk about the idea and try to discover which arm is best for the job. Now though, things look like they might have fizzed out.

Mr Mueller, speaking to Westfalen Blatt newspaper in Germany, suggested the company is no longer looking to enter the sport, saying,

"Formula one is a drivers' world championship, with the focus on the sponsors and the manufacturers only secondary. For us, this is a clear drawback. The second drawback for such a long-term investment is the unclear rules for the future."

Porsche isn't likely to join a sport if rules are outside its scope of interest. Also, the constantly changing regulations of the sport discourages any chances of new teams entering. As rules advance further and further, it makes it difficult for a new team to cut in, whereas current teams have evolved with the rules and the technology, and are already running so to speak.

So it looks like we won't see swarms of Porsche fans at the F1 any time soon. Porsche did take part in F1 during the Eighties though, providing engines for the Marlboro team. It did the same for the Arrows team in 1991 too, powering the Footwork car. Things didn't go too well though so Porsche withdrew.

On a bright note, Mr Mueller recommends of all the companies within Volkswagen to go into F1, Porsche is the one. He said in the same Westfalen Blatt report,

"If the VW Group was interested, then Porsche would surely be the brand that would work best for this."