Ford Focus RS gets AP Racing brake package

Not that the Ford Focus RS needs enhancements of any kind, but the angry little hatch has just been to AP Racing for a check-up. The company has now released a Formula Big Brake Kit package suitable for the wroughty rocket.
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The brake package consists of neck-wrenching six-piston calipers for the front wheels, new discs and beefier brake pads. AP says it has developed the calipers specifically to fit inside the RS's standard 19in wheels. AP Racing said in a recent release,

"This ideal fitment has been achieved by careful profiling of the caliper ensuring that when it is combined with the 355x32mm disc that there is no need for wheel spacers, resulting in uncompromised handling. The disc also features 48 curved cooling vanes with a new style face pattern which involves a series of short intermittent groves, developed to help reduce overall brake noise."

AP also says the kits comes with all necessary mounting bolts and special DOT 5.1 brake fluid capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. The package is suitable for road driving and track driving. Right, now all you need is the Ford Focus RS.