The conversion specialist will begin electrifying customer examples of the Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur limousine.
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British electric conversion specialist Lunaz has announced it will offer its services for the classic Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur limousine.

The company – which has already electrified examples of the original Range Rover, Jaguar XK120, Rolls-Royce Phantom V and Rolls Royce Silver Cloud – will reportedly charge £350,000 (AU$630,000) for the conversion process, with customers required to supply their own vehicle.

Powertrain specifications are yet to be confirmed, however it is likely the Bentley will get the existing dual electric motor package fitted to previous variants. In the Rolls-Royce, the set-up puts out an impressive 280kW and 700Nm.

Voltage is drawn from an 80kWh battery pack, which, according to the manufacturer, allows for a real world driving range of 480km.

Electric classic conversions are not new however – last year CarAdvice reported conversion kits for its historic Kombi, Beetle, Kubel and, Karmann models would potentially be offered by Volkswagen.

In 2017 Jaguar unveiled the E-type Zero, and the following year Aston Martin announced plans to begin electric conversions on some of its classic cars.

Meanwhile, Melbourne-based start-up Jaunt is currently converting original Land Rovers into zero-emission off roaders.