Ginetta G55 official sketches released

Ginetta is one of those small British companies that specialises in making small, lightweight sports cars and racing cars. The company has been on and off recently, but was a strong enthusiastic marque for many years after its first model was introduced in 1958 - the Ginetta G1. Now the company is planing its latest creation: the Ginetta G55 racing car.
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The car is designed for the company's own racing series, the Michelin Ginetta G50 Cup - to be called the Ginetta GT Supercup, and also for the British GT4 racing series where the car will run up against other manufacturers. Ginetta has released these sketches to tempt those with interest in competing in the series and to prove the company is still in the game when it comes to sports car racing.

Ginetta says the car will feature a 3.7-litre Ford engine outputting 276kW of power mounted in front of a Hewland racing gearbox. Underneath the car, there's racing suspension and plenty of aerodynamic covers, while the bodywork also provides plenty of downforce through a large rear wing and front apron. There's also a new cold-air induction kit - revised over the Ginetta G50 - bigger and better brakes and a new exhaust system.

Ginetta says the car will make its debut in the flesh at the Autosport International event in Birmingham, UK, starting January 13 next year.