Australians continue to gorge themselves on $100,000-plus US pick-ups, as the overall new-car market continues to bounce back.
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Sales of full-size US pick-ups continue to increase in Australia and show few signs of stopping, official figures reveal.

According to national sales data released this week by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), Ram shifted 305 examples of its 1500 pick-up family in February 2021 – comprising 196 Express models, 100 Laramies and 9 Warlocks – while General Motors Specialty Vehicles sold 77 units of the similarly-sized Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

The Ram figures represent a 28.1 per cent decline over the same month in 2020, but mark a 156 per cent jump over the 119 pick-ups reported as sold in January 2021. GMSV's 77-strong Silverado 1500 sales count represents a smaller but notable increase over the 64 units delivered in January.

The sales increases come as Ram works around the clock to fill around 900 back-orders for the current-generation (but outgoing) DS Series 1500, ahead of the commencement of production of the new DT Series model.

The new and old models are expected to be produced side-by-side for around two years.

It's not just sales of US pick-ups that grew in February 2021, with the Toyota LandCruiser wagon and Nissan Patrol four-wheel-drives experiences sales increases of 16.0 per cent and 107.5 per cent respectively.