Speed camera millionaire caught speeding

GoSafe is an initiate in Ireland whereby a contract deal is made with speed camera van operators to help alleviate speeding-related road accidents. It's similar to our system, except banks own the camera vans here, whereas over in Ireland, a company headed by a millionaire called Xavier McAuliffe controls the operation.
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Ironically, Mr McAuliffe has just been caught speeding in a kind of don't-practice-what-you-preach deal. Twice. He was first caught driving at 81km/h in a 60km/h zone, and then caught driving at 140km/h. He wasn't caught by his own vans though, he was caught by some journalists from the Irish Mail using a police radar gun.

The paper then tried getting some answers from Mr McAuliffe as to why he was speeding, since he's been profiting off motorists and tax-payers for doing the same thing for quite some time. He refused to comment, of course.

The UK government has only just announced it will invest another 65 million euros ($89.2 million) into more speed cameras through the GoSafe scheme. If Mr McAuliffe was caught by the police instead of the Irish Mail, he'd be able to pay the fine quite easily anyway... using the tax-payers' yet-to-be-invested $89.2 million.