Pre-Production Camaro front-end revealed

Chevrolet has tempted enthusiasts with yet another image of the undisguised pre-production 2009 Camaro Coupe, more than likely captured testing right here in Australia.
Another Chevrolet Camaro image released
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In one sense, these images serve only to build hype for the Camaro prior to its release later this year. However accompanying this latest release are GM's doubts surrounding various design features such as the headlamps, indicating they may be more interested in consumer feedback to ensure the Camaro is the best it can be.

Another Chevrolet Camaro image released

"The new Camaro is quickly evolving into final form, but some of the details you see here (such as the headlamp design) may change before production begins this year." Alicia Dorset, GM FastLane blog editor.

What are your current thoughts on how the current rendition of the 2009 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe is progressing?