The car makers you know and love, and the random merchandise you may not know existed.
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Car brands have long been known to sell T-shirts, key rings, even mugs. If you're lucky enough, you might get a jacket to take home with your BMW.

But many have taken this concept even further and expanded – they aren't just known in the automotive space, but are now also lifestyle brands.

Here are some random items from car brands that you may not have known about.

Tesla Surfboard

It's no surprise that Elon Musk wants to conquer the lifestyle realm, too. The Tesla surfboard, just like his cars, represents true minimalism. These are limited-edition boards and retail for $1950.

Bentley Jewellery Box

Because who doesn't need a Bentley-branded box to stash their jewels in? This leather case crafted in Italy will set you back around $1400.

Citroen Motion Glasses

You've gotta hand it to Citroen for its quirkiness and creativity. These glasses were created by the brand to eliminate motion sickness. The Seetroëns can be picked up for approximately $150.

Porsche Ice Tray

This is a part of the Porsche driver's selection on its website – with other items include office chairs and champagne coolers, just to name a few. The silicone ice cube tray with 911 Carrera design costs $23.

Maserati Horse Saddle

Other than fast cars, Maserati builds many other things including bicycles and pop-up suites. If those weren't enough, it even teamed up with polo equipment manufacturer La Martina to produce bespoke horse saddles.

Ferrari Chess Set

Ferrari isn't short on merchandise, from luggage to pencils and very fancy cars for kids. The good news is that it's produced a quality chess set made from carbon-fibre. The bad news is that like most things Ferrari, it will cost you, with a price tag of approximately $3000.

Porsche Dog Lead and Collar

Forget about Hermes and Louis Vuitton when you can have your dog in Porsche. They are simple, but hey, they are Porsche-branded. The collar sells for around $80 and the lead for $100.

Audi Tent

Audi has a luxury range of luggage, watches and even sells sunglasses. We really rate its range of camping tents, though, and this one in particular, which was specifically made for the Q3.

Citroen Bike

Citroen partnered with Martone Cycling to create a unique bike to accompany the 2019 Citroen SpaceTourer concept vehicle. A Citroen bike will set you back around $1530.

Peugeot Toys

Certainly a different direction for an automotive company, but who knew that Peugeot made toys! Now we really have seen it all – though we're not sure you'd pick these up at a racetrack or at a dealer.