New supercar to make 3.0-litre turbo V6 with an electric motor for V8 levels of power, according to the UK's Car.
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Ferrari looks set to launch a new supercar powered by an all-new, hybridised V6 producing over 500kW by the end of 2021, according to overseas reports.

British magazine Car reports the new mid-engined model – codenamed F171 – is due in late 2021, and will debut the brand's first V6 engine since the Dino ended production in 1974.

Displacing 3.0 litres, the new mill will feature twin turbochargers, affixed to its ultra-wide-angle, 120-degree block – a configuration optimal for its low centre of gravity, and space for larger turbochargers between the cylinder banks.

Car claims the new V6 will develop around 440kW, though the F171 will pair it with an axial-flow electric motor mounted after the transmission developing around 82kW – for a total output of around 522kW.

Above: Ferrari V6 hybrid test mule, spied in 2020.

That's just 7kW short of the 530kW/720Nm extracted by the V8-powered F8 – despite two fewer cylinders and nearly a litre less displacement – but a fair way down on the V8's capabilities post-electrification, in the 746kW SF90 plug-in hybrid.

The F171's electric motor will be paired with a small battery pack for everything from filling torque between gears and improving acceleration, to enabling an electric-only driving range of 24 to 32km – on par with its closest rival, the new 30km McLaren Artura.

The 3.0-litre hybrid six will eventually make its way into the upcoming Ferrari Purosangue SUV, Car claims, albeit in a different state of tune.

Housing the all-new engine and hybrid system in the new supercar will be a new aluminium-based lightweight architecture which, according to the British publication, will underpin future series-production Ferrari supercars, and will enable a wheelbase expected to be shorter than the F8's 2650mm, for improved agility.

Above and bottom: Ferrari SF90 Stradale plug-in hybrid coupe.

A suite of "next-generation" performance-oriented electronics will reportedly be fitted to the new V6 model, enabling direct steering feel, electronically-controlled power slides and a "beautiful" integration of petrol and electric power.

Car claims the new 2022 Ferrari F171 – its final production name yet to be finalised – will launch in late 2021, with prices in the UK set to "top" £200,000 (AU$360,000).

Reports of an 'entry-level' V6 Ferrari – potentially reviving the Dino name – have been swirling since as early as 2015, with spy shots of turbocharged V6 test mules in recent months lending weight to the British magazine's report.