The US-based automotive manufacturers are, for once, pulling in the same direction.
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US-based automotive manufacturers Ford and Tesla have announced plans to deliver relief in storm-struck Texas.

The ongoing crisis – caused by a multitude of factors including frozen gas lines – has reportedly left more than 4.3 million homes and businesses across the state without power.

Following public recommendations from CEO Jim Farley, Ford officially requested its dealers allocate select variants of the F-150 pick-up truck for "loaner fleets."

According to the manufacturer, these will allow residents to operate heaters, TVs, blenders, mini fridges, and other small household appliances, thanks to the Pro Power Onboard battery pack and outlet system available as an option on the new-generation model unveiled in 2020.

There are reportedly 415 generator-equipped examples of the F-150 located in Texas, which will be distributed as needed in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Tesla CEO Elon Musk – who last year moved to the Lone Star State, citing “fewer government regulations” – announced on Twitter his company was providing “direct assistance where feasible.” It is not clear yet what exactly this assistance entails.