Mercedes says 4176 vans will be recalled for misleading details in the owner's manual, which could lead to 'Park' not being engaged.
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Mercedes-Benz Australia has recalled 4176 examples of the 2018-19 Sprinter van.

According to the recall notice lodged with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), "the operator's manual misrepresents some of the situations that lead to automatic engagement of the park position "P" (Auto-P function)."

"The park position is engaged automatically only if the engine is switched off in transmission positions "D" or "R" or if the driver's door is opened in this transmission position while the vehicle is at a standstill or moving at very low speed."

"The operator's manual incorrectly describes that the park position automatically engages when the seat belt buckle is released or when getting out of the seat while the vehicle is at a standstill or moving at very low speed. These actions do not lead to automatic engagement of the park position", the notice continues.

"This incorrect description of the functions could lead to accidental incorrect operation, which may result in an increased risk of an accident or injury to vehicle occupants or other road users."

All 4176 affected vans were sold between 28 August 2018 and 23 December 2020, with all models stamped Model Year 2018 or 2019. A full list of all affected vehicle identification numbers can be found here.

The brand encourages customers to contact their nearest dealer to collect a free "supplementary booklet", containing the correct information.

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