The Volkswagen-owned sports car manufacturer – in conjunction with Siemens Energy – says it will produce half-a-billion litres of its synthetic petrol-alternative annually by 2026.
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Porsche will begin trialling its own synthetic fuels in 2022, according to the brand’s head of motorsport Frank Walliser.

Speaking to European media outlets earlier this week, Mr Walliser suggested these fuels would be more environmentally friendly than traditional petroleum-based alternatives. He further noted that the petrol substitution would be compatible with existing and unmodified combustion engines.

"We are on track, together with our partners in South America. For sure, in 2022, it will be very, very small volume for the first trials,” he said. "It's a long road with huge investment, but we are sure that this is an important part of our global effort to reduce the CO2 impact of the transportation sector."

In 2020 the prestigious Volkswagen-owned sports car manufacturer announced a strategic partnership with Siemens Energy to develop sustainable “eFuels” for mass-production.

At the time of the announcement, both companies claimed the alliance would produce more than 500 million litres of its synthetic fuels annually by 2026.

CarAdvice has reached out to Porsche for further comment on the status of the program, and timeline for public rollout. This story will be updated with its response.