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The 8 coolest details on the 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible

The devil is in the details for Lexus's third-ever convertible model.

On the rare occasion Lexus makes a convertible, it's fair to say it doesn't do things by halves.

The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible debuted in late 2020 as only the third drop-top model the Japanese marque has produced in its 31-year history, after the SC and IS models.

It also marks the brand's first-ever soft-top convertible.

At launch, the LC500 quickly attracted admiration in the CarAdvice comments section, with one reader declaring, "This might be the most beautiful car in the world right now".

But for a car that costs $214,000 before on-road costs (the limited launch-edition spec is even pricier at $234,000 before on-roads), a lot of the excellence is in the details.

Here, we round up a few of our favourites.

1. The paint shades

By far the jewel in the crown of the Lexus paint range was the limited-edition 'Structural Blue' shade offered on only 10 locally delivered units.

Lexus claims the colour is ‘more blue than anything seen before’ thanks to 300 billion tiny pigment flakes, which make it look like it's changing colour with the light and can vary its appearance from matte to gloss depending on your perspective.

The convertible is also offered in other eye-catching colours of 'Carnelian', a deep orange, 'Zinnia Yellow', a traffic-light shade of yellow, 'Khaki Metal', a deep green, and 'Infrared', a deep red – along with six other shades.

2. The door handles

The LC500's cabin is accessed via scissor-style hidden door handles that elegantly stow away when the car is locked, so as to not sacrifice the car's inherent aerodynamism.

On the inside, the handles have a sculptural appearance, with sweeping lines that flow into the car's architectural interior.

3. The seat details

One of the most beautiful inclusions on the LC500 Convertible is actually the stitching detail in the seats, which is incredibly intricate and unique to the LC500 Convertible.

The semi-aniline leather-accented front seats are perforated, with elegant tabs to hold the seatbelts in place, matching handles on the shoulders of the front seats and 'L'-embossed headrests.

4. The spindle grille

We’ve seen the Lexus spindle grille plenty, but this one is particularly delicate, with chrome surrounds and design that flows seamlessly into the bonnet in one continuous line.

5. The roof controls

The Lexus's wrinkle-free fabric roof can be raised or retracted in as little as 15 seconds and up to speeds of 50km/h.

But it's how you manage the roof that's particularly appealing – via a hidden switch near the gearstick that has strong James Bond-esque 'launch control' vibes.

6. The neck heaters

Arguably the hallmark of a great convertible is how comfortable and protected it feels when the roof is down.

The LC500 Convertible's cabin is protected via a rear deflector to reduce wind buffeting, but it also has a climate concierge system that can detect whether the roof is up or down and adjust accordingly.

This includes two neck-heater vents in the headrests of the front seats to combat the chill, plus seat ventilation with a suction-style set-up to reduce the potential for humidity from the leather seats.

7. The headlights and tail-lights

The LC500’s lighting signatures are particularly impactful – the daytime running lamps are arrowhead-shaped, the front turn signals are made up of 11 LED lamps each, and the L-shaped tail-lights feature 80 LEDs on each side.

8. The engine note

While its coupe cousin offers a hybrid powertrain on top of the petrol choice, the convertible LC500 will have only one option: a 5.0-litre, eight-cylinder engine producing 351kW and 540Nm.

And, of course, the sound of the naturally aspirated V8 is a symphony, and transmitted to the driver through a sound generator on the dash so you don’t miss a thing.

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