Volkswagen Mini-Gol designed for little people

Volkswagen Brazil has designed a little car for little people.
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The Volkswagen Mini-Gol is styled just like the Gol (VW’s smallest production vehicle), although it has been decreased in every dimension by around 30 percent.

The idea is that the Mini-Gol will suit drivers who are shorter than 5-feet tall, and who find driving regular-sized vehicles difficult. All of the exterior and interior proportions remain the same to ensure the Mini-Gol remains as comfortable and functional as its big brother.

At around 2.25m long, parking shouldn’t be a problem, but being seen by the Hummer behind you might.

One area where the downsize is not to scale, however, is the engine. The standard Gol is powered by a 1.6-litre engine, which produces 75kW and 155Nm of torque. The Mini-Gol has to make do with just a 4.1kW engine and a top speed of around 27km/h.

For this reason, the Mini-Gol won’t be hitting the streets any time soon.

Volkswagen Brazil has only created two Mini-Gol concepts – one that follows the motor show circuit and another that stays on display in Brazil.

Regardless, I can think of a couple of 10 year olds who just changed their wish list to Santa.