Ferrari’s first high-performance SUV is a step closer to reality, however we can ignore this disguised bodywork for now.
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The 2022 Ferrari Purosangue SUV has been caught on camera again, however we still don’t know what it will look like because it is wearing a Maserati Levante body covered in tape as a heavy disguise.

The bodywork has been modified to mirror the weight and proportions of the Ferrari SUV, but not the detailed design.

However, the images do provide some small clues. It’s apparent the body will be lower and sleeker than most SUVs – including its Maserati stablemate – and the final product will pack a massive staggered footprint, with much wider wheels on the rear versus the front.

The car was photographed in Maranello Italy at a test track not far from Ferrari HQ, though previous videos have shown a similar (or the same) prototype being driven on local streets.

While it is yet to be confirmed what engine or engines will power the 2022 Ferrari Purosangue, executives promise it will be “the world’s best” vehicle of its type, although the company stops short of calling it an SUV.

In an interview with international media at the 2019 Geneva motor show, Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri said, “We announced that it would be launched in 2022, that hasn’t changed”.

When asked if it might arrive too late to take full advantage of the global SUV boom, Mr Camilleri replied: “I’m not concerned about being too late. I’m more concerned about being the best. And I’m quite confident that we will be. Sometimes you have to take time to get the best thing.”

During the 2019 briefing Ferrari refused to refer to it as an SUV, but conceded some customers have reservations about the iconic Italian sports-car brand making the leap to the family-car category.

However, since these comments, Lamborghini has launched the Urus and Porsche has filled out its performance SUV line-up with even more models.

“There has been some skepticism of the marriage of Ferrari with the Purosangue. And we’re very confident what will eventually come out will be quite spectacular and in-keeping with our DNA,” the Ferrari executive said at the time.

While the Purosangue will be a global model, Ferrari indicated China would be one of its biggest markets.

“We have a strong portfolio in China of people willing to wait to get a Ferrari,” he said. “The Purosangue, we believe, is something that will be very successful in this part of the world.”

Ferrari has already confirmed the Purosangue will be sold in Australia, but price and technical details are yet to be released.