Local engineering expertise has assisted making an armoured dual-cab 200 Series in the UK.
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An armoured Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series dual-cab ute has been built, thanks, in part, to an Australian engineering company.

British defence and security firm Jankel partnered with Australian Expedition Vehicles (AEV), due to the Queensland company's experience in engineering durable dual-cab LandCruiser pick-ups.

Based in Townsville, Managing Director Michael McMillan has nearly three decades of experience with the Australian Defence Force, leading AEV to develop a militarised versions of the Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series.

The armoured 200 Series was a different project for the company, however, being manufactured in the UK by Jankel for a private customer, with AEV supplying its engineering plans and know-how to ensure the ute conversion could withstand the extra weight of the armour.

"We’ve developed this new pickup variant of our Hot Formed Armoured LC200 as a result of receiving an order from an existing customer," Jankel Group Chairman Andrew Jankel said.

"As a first of its kind I can immediately see other users of armoured fleets becoming interested in similar conversions that add capability and flexibility, not available on the LC200 base platform."

Other improvements to the armoured LandCruiser ute include run-flat tyres, upgraded brakes and suspension, a fire suppression system, door deadbolts, an escape hatch, gun ports, weapons mounts, tactical lighting, and a public-announcement system with siren.

While details of the UK client are strictly confidential, we imagine there aren't too many dual-cab 200 Series LandCruisers driving around Britain. CarAdvice recommends against cutting the vehicle off in traffic if you happen to come across it in your travels.