Honda Civic production to end for Japanese market

Honda Motor Co in Japan has confirmed it will end production of the Honda Civic for its domestic market before the end of the year.
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Japan’s third-largest vehicle manufacturer says a lack of demand for sedans in the local market is the main reason for the decision to phase out the Civic, which was first introduced close to 40 years ago.

Honda stopped domestic production of the petrol-powered Civic in August, and the end of Civic Hybrid production in December will bring to a close – at least for now – the Civic’s unbroken 38-year lifespan in Japan.

Honda has confirmed it will continue to export the Civic Hybrid from its Suzuka plant.

Global Civic availability will not be affected by the decision, as the otherwise popular vehicle is built at 13 other factories around the world for 160 different markets.

Across all markets, Honda sold 609,000 Civics in 2009, with just 9000 of those registered in Japan.

Just 182 Civics and 270 Civic Hybrids were sold in Japan in October.

The Civic’s popularity in its domestic market peaked in 1975, when 177,000 vehicles were delivered, but the introduction of newer, smaller models like the Fit (Jazz in Australia) and the Insight hybrid have gradually led to its demise.

In total, more than three million Civics were sold in Japan between 1972 and 2010.