The 35cm sportscar features an air-cooled flat-six engine in the rear, and a fully-functional steering wheel.
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A miniature Porsche 911 Targa and Turbo has been launched by Lego, with the sportscar kit set to come onto the market in March.

The model – which comprises 1458 individual pieces – reportedly features a mock-up air-cooled flat-six engine in the rear, as well as tilting seats and a fully-functional steering wheel.

Several completely unique mouldings were reportedly required to capture the 911’s distinctive shape, however a significant percentage of the parts are generic Lego stock.

Porsche was consulted during the design process to refine the model and maintain historical accuracy.

According to project designer Mike Psiaki, the Targa and Turbo variants share an identical underlying structure, and the person building the car can choose how to complete the model during the final stages of construction.

According to the Lego website, the completed car is approximately 10cm tall, 35cm long, and 16cm wide.

From 1 March 2021, the set will be sold online for US$149.99 (AU$200).

Watch the video below for more information.