It appears all new Holdens that were remaining in dealer stock were reported as sold last year. RIP Holden. 
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The iconic Holden brand appears to have taken its last breath, with zero cars reported as sold in January 2021 – after just 28 vehicles were delivered in December 2020.

It is the first time since November 1948 – when the first Holden rolled off the line – that the brand has not recorded a single sale in a given month.

US car giant General Motors declared in February last year that 31 December 2020 would be Holden’s last day.

To ensure dealers reported all cars as sold before that deadline, GM said the generous discounts of up to $17,500 would be off the table once 31 December 2020 passed.

The January 2021 sales result for Holden means there could still be some cars in dealer stock – indeed, some showrooms are still displaying signage – however they will likely be registered and sold as ‘used cars’ even though they may only have delivery kilometres on them.

The zero sales result for Holden in January 2021 brings the brand to the end of an era which started in November 1948 under General Motors.

The zero tally also came in the same month two Holden cars fetched record prices at auction for locally-made road cars.

At a Lloyds Auctioneers last weekend, one of two ‘last’ Holden Commodores sold for $750,000 (read about the mystery behind both cars here) and one of four specially-made HSV GTSR W1 Maloo utes sold for $1.05 million.

CarAdvice understands there are fewer than 100 Holdens in dealer stock and that most have or will now be sold as used cars.

When General Motors announced on 17 February 2020 the Holden brand would be axed, it said it would continue to offer support for parts, service, recalls and warranty work for “at least” the next 10 years through selected service agents.