Ford has showcased a couple of aftermarket-enhanced Ford Focus models at the LA show, as well as its own 2011 Ford Focus Personalisation Vehicle. All three cars are based on the new generation 2011 Ford Focus.
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The Ford Focus 3dCarbon features 3M’s unique VentureShield Paint Protection Matte Finish Film over all panels except the bonnet. The bonnet is painted in glossy black finish. The rest of the panels are covered in the satin film which can be removed and updated with ease at any time.

Other upgrades include 20 inch glossy black Series KM650-KMC wheels, H&R sports springs to improve handling and an FSWerks 'cat-back' exhaust for a more aggressive engine note. It also features a 3dCarbon roof wing for added downforce.

The Ford Focus by FSWerks features much the same upgrades as the 3dCarbon, minus the VentureShield film over the panels. It uses 19-inch DPE R16 wheels, a 3dCarbon roof wing, and H&R springs which lowers the car by 76mm.

Under the bonnet, the FSWerks package also includes an FSWerks cold air intake and a new engine cover to set it apart. There's also an FSWerks stainless steel exhaust system for a revised engine note and improved flow for more power.

Ford's own creative teams have come up with the Ford Focus Personalisation Vehicle which showcases how far one can utilise Ford's Custom Accessory options. Features include a white tri-coat paint job, Caribbean Blue accents, a wide bodykit and bespoke graphics on the side.

Caribbean Blue elements and highlights are spread throughout the car, particularly the headlights, mirrors, wheels and foglight housings. Ford's Vehicle Personalisation chief designer, Mark Conforzi, recently said,

"We created a theme of an all-white vehicle with bursts of Caribbean Blue accents running throughout, which lends itself to many of the current trends seen in fashion. White with dimension is a hot trend in Europe, and we found ways to incorporate that into our Focus in a manner that perfectly fits the vehicle."

The Ford Personalisation Vehicle also gets a black and white themed interior, including leather seats with highlighted stitching, a matching black and white leather steering and a soft-touch painted centre console in white.

Ford is happy that the new design of the 2011 Focus is adaptable for aftermarket enthusiasts. Ford design manager, Melvin Betancourt, said,

"These cars deliver great ideas for the variety of approaches you can take with the new Focus. It’s the perfect base to start from for aftermarket customisation, whether you’re looking to take this Focus racing or you just want to make a statement about your personality."