Catch up on the best content you might have missed from the Drive homepage.
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As you might be aware, 2021 marks the year CarAdvice and Drive become one – bringing together both sites' top-shelf automotive content under the one banner.

For you, dear reader, not much will change. We're still the same team, with the same familiar faces and high standards for our new-car content and love of all things automotive.

The only difference is you'll eventually be able to meet all your new-car needs in one place, Drive.

Until then, however, we want to make sure that while you're glued to CarAdvice, you don't miss out on the original content we're producing on Drive.

To keep you informed, we'll be rounding up our five favourite Drive stories of the week each week. Behold, the 'Drive Five'...

1. 1955 Jaguar D-Type once owned by Bernie Ecclestone tipped to sell for $7.5 million

It's a rare kind of person who can afford to drop millions of dollars on a car that's likely to spend the majority of its time sitting in a garage because it's far too precious to drive.

Thus, the pool of buyers for a 1955 Jaguar D-Type currently up for auction in Arizona is likely to be small given the expected sale price is likely to be north of US$7.5 million (AU$9.7 million).

Once owned by former Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone, the red stunner is said to be one of three of its kind in the world. Head here to see photos and read more details.

2. This is the most common form of road rage in Australia, study finds

Anyone who spends a solid amount of time on the road will have experienced some kind of aggression from other drivers – and some of us might even be guilty of inflicting aggression on others.

According to new research from, a whopping 73 per cent of Aussies have experienced road rage in some form, but one specific kind of aggression is more common than any other on the nation's roads.

Head to this link to find out what it is and see if you, too, have been a victim.

3. 2021 Toyota LandCruiser Prado gets extra bling

Australians might love a Prado for its off-road credentials, but overseas, Toyota has released a body kit that's better suited to cruising down a high-end shopping street than bush-bashing.

The Japan-only offering, which is called the Modellista Aero Kit, lowers the Prado's ground clearance and adds some extra bling to the family hauler.

To see the kit in all its glory, click here.

4. Drive Against Depression: Car lovers encouraged to drive for their mental health

If, like us, you're constantly looking for an excuse to get behind the wheel after lockdown – we've found the perfect way to not only enjoy the open roads again, but to support a fantastic cause in the process.

Mental health charity Drive Against Depression is holding its quarterly social drive day on January 31 this year, offering car lovers a chance to get together and reconnect while taking the scenic route.

To discover more details and get involved, follow this link.

5. World's highest museum erupts in flames, destroying over 200 classic motorcycles

Motorcycle lovers, avert your eyes now.

It might be too hard to read that some of the world's most collectable classic bikes are gone forever after a horror incident at one of Europe's largest historic motorcycle exhibitions.

The Top Mountain Crosspoint museum in Hochgurgl, Austria – known for being the world's highest altitude museum at 2175m – now lies in ruins after a fire swept through it, wreaking havoc on the museum's collection of vintage treasures.

To read the full story, click here.