I have mentioned the Kia cee'd a few times now, there was the original Kia Cee'd post which was then followed by the somewhat ... oddly named Kia Cee’d Sporty Wagon. Anyway, Kia today finally gave some official press shots of the new Kia car. Kia says the car is designed in Germany as is set to change the preception of Kia's cheap image.
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“Our Kia teams in Germany and Korea have designed the new cee’d to surpass the expectations of Kia customers and to attract European consumers who have not yet considered our brand." Jung-Moon Park, Senior Executive Vice President and COO Kia Motors Corporation. “They have created a truly competitive vehicle that is stylish and practical. I am sure that the new Kia cee’d will have great appeal to people all across Europe, while demonstrating our brand’s Power to Surprise,” concluded Mr Park.

Okay, so I'll admit, the car looks great. But I mean, its ... a Kia! The problem with Korean cars has usually been that the front and rear seem like they are designed by a completely different people, and someone has to make the call as to match which rear design to the front design. And they usually get it wrong!

Nevertheless, I'll give Kia some credit, if we are to learn anything from history, and we should, it should be obvious that Korean cars are going through a similar stage to that of Japanese cars some 30 years ago. They are starting to shed their reputation as cheap and nasty cars and join the rank of Japanese manufacturers.

With rumous of Hyundai (which owns Kia) launching their own Luxury brand to compete with the likes of Lexus, I can only imagine that quality control must be on the rise!

Anyway, check out the photos! I like it!

Kia cee�d Unveiled