Holden VE Commodore recalled again

The VE Commodore and WM Statesman series have again being recalled this morning following yesterday's announcement of it being Australia's top selling car.
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Due to the possibility of an engine bay fire from a faulty fuel line, 86,000 V6 models will be recalled to address the issue. Holden spokesperson John Lindsay said the fault was due to one of the fuel lines in the engine bay having the potential to rub on the clip of an adjacent hose, which over a period of time had the potential to result in a leak.

So far this issue has only effected 20 cars though is not limited to Australian vehicles with some export vehicles also being recalled in New Zealand, Brazil and the Middle East. Fortunately the highly lucrative Pontiac G8 has not been affected with the issue affecting V6 models only.

This is the second such recall for Holden on the VE and WM series with the V8 models being recalled for a similar condition some months ago.

Anyone owning a VE or WM series Holden will be contacted forthwith.