Catch up on the best content you might have missed from the Drive homepage.
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As you might be aware, 2021 marks the year CarAdvice and Drive become one – bringing together both sites' top-shelf automotive content under the one banner.

For you, dear reader, not much will change. We're still the same team, with the same familiar faces and high standards for our new-car content and love of all things automotive.

The only difference is you'll eventually be able to meet all your new-car needs in one place, Drive.

Until then, however, we want to make sure that while you're glued to CarAdvice, you don't miss out on the original content we're producing on Drive.

To keep you informed, we'll be rounding up our five favourite Drive stories of the week each week. Behold, the 'Drive Five'...

1. Motorbike sales boom in 2020

While 2020 was a challenging period for new-car sales, another sector of the industry had a surprise surge – motorcycles.

In fact, last year the motorcycle industry saw its biggest sales year since 2016, even after a disappointing 2019.

So what was the turning point? Emma Notarfrancesco deep-dives into the data to find answers here.

2. The Phantom Index

Want some good news? Australia's most expensive car is getting cheaper! Well, sort of...

James Ward crunched the numbers and figured out that, against all the odds, the Rolls-Royce Phantom has become increasingly better value since 2003.

If you're looking to justify your next car splurge, click here.

3. Collect the set: Group B rally car icons heading to auction

Seven cars from the legendary Group B rallying era will go up for auction in France from March – and you could own the full set for over $5 million.

From a 1988 Audi Sport Quattro S1 to a 1986 Lancia Delta S4, the iconic cars are estimated to sell for anywhere from AU$442,000 to $2.04 million each.

To see the full set (and figure out how to start saving) click here.

4. Abandoned VW Golf gets a birthday party

We've all got that one abandoned car in the neighbour that sits in a residential street, taking up valuable car parking space and growing more tired and dilapidated by the day.

But a group of frustrated neighbours in the UK decided to pay tribute to their local deadweight, an abandoned Volkswagen Golf Mk5, by throwing it a one-year-old birthday party.

To see photos and learn more details of the tongue-in-cheek event, click here.

5. Aston Martin 'Bulldog' concept to challenge speed record 40 years on

Forty years after a failed attempt to break the 200mph barrier, the Bulldog – a one-of-a-kind Aston Martin concept car – will try again.

Thanks to a new owner, the Bulldog has a fresh lease on life after an 18-month-long restoration process, which will hopefully allow Aston Martin factory driver Darren Turner to pilot a successful second attempt.

To learn all the details, click here.