Peugeot 207 Epure CC Hydrogen-Powered

My dear car lovers, the world is turning slowly against us. An Inconvenient Truth pretty much told me that I shouldnt be driving my High Emission turbo charged car. The ice is melting and the temperature is going higher and higher. So am I going to stop driving around? Probably not.
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Perhaps the answer isn't to catch annoying public transport that takes 45 minutes to travel a 10 min journey. Peugeot have a different idea. Its Peugeot's Hydrogen Powered 207 CC. Yes... not a hybrid, this vehicle has emissions whatsoever!

Peugeot says that by using an experimental power train, the 207 Epure includes the latest advances of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group in this area, without any adverse affect on the vehicle's functional and stylistic features. So it seems like Peugeot aling with toyota are going to be the winners as more and more people turn away from traditional petrol engines and look for alternatives.
So what do you actually get from a Hydrogen Powered car? Well the advantages of the fuel cell for the environment are many:

  • It provides an alternative to fossil fuels.
  • It helps to reduce CO2 emissions and therefore to control the greenhouse effect.
  • It improves the quality of life in town, thanks to the silent operation of vehicles that use an electric motor and the elimination of local emissions.

So can you buy one now? Unfortunately not, Peugeot says that a great deal of work is currently being conducted to get these sorts of vehicles to the point where they can be mass produced. Whats so hard about getting this car on the road now? Well in order to operate, a fuel cell needs hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is drawn from the air, while hydrogen is stored on the vehicle. The combining of these two elements creates an electrochemical reaction that causes a displacement of electrons and protons which simultaneously produces heat, water, and above all electricity! Sounds complicated? Can you imagine the number of things that can go wrong!

The 1 million dollar question with all these alternative fuel cars is, how far can it go? This cute little peugeot can travel around 350km before a recharge is required, not bad? Whats better, it can get up 130km/hr! We should all praise the French for trying to create such a car!