Toyota has released yet another teaser image of the new Toyota Prius MPV. This time, we get a glimpse of the new interior. Toyota has also given the image a little punchline once again; 'Entertainment for the entire family.'
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Toyota is really keen on pushing the new Prius into other markets, namely, the family car market. We've already seen a teaser image which proved the new car will be an MPV, or at least available as an MPV, it's now fairly concrete the Prius range will be expanding on more than one level.

Back to the image itself though. The new dashboard features a number of gizmos and modern touches, such as the big LCD touch-screen sat-nav system which also provides visuals for the multimedia controls. There's also an interesting gear selector feature, which almost looks like it uses an electronic screen. We're not sure. Could it be a touch screen setup as well?

Overall, the new interior looks quite appealing, almost anti-Toyota, with a modern temperature control layout and wedge-shaped centre fascia. There also appears to be a number of different finishes throughout the dashboard.

The new car is expected to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011, although, there'll probably be more teaser images to come before then.