Plus, haunting images of Victoria's Calder Park, Elon Musk's reaction to being the world's richest and the internet reacts to Kia's new logo.
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When we’re not creating it ourselves, the CarAdvice team spends a lot of time finding and consuming motoring content from all over the world.

Here’s a handful of the photos, articles, videos or social media posts that most caught our eye last week. Some of them are brand new, others have been online for a while.

Enjoy them – just not too much, okay?

1. These haunting images of the abandoned Thunderdome at Calder Park

Once a premiere motor circuit, Calder Park in Victoria is well and truly past its glory days.

While it still hosts the occasional drag race on the outside circuits, the site's former hub – the Thunderdome – has fallen into a state of disrepair.

In its heyday, the Thunderdome welcomed crowds of tens of thousands and even hosted the Australian Grand Prix in the early 1980s.

These days, the circuit and its grandstand are shadows of their former selves, as captured by photographer Luke David.

Now a ghost town, David has perfectly represented both the beauty and the eeriness of the abandoned speedway in his photos, which you can see below.

I do love capturing abandoned places. I love to imagine the echoes of lives and events that happened in a place in...Posted by Luke David Photography on Saturday, January 2, 2021

2. This Tesla owner changing her horn to a very NSFW song

As part of the Tesla software update we never knew we needed (and we still don't really know if we need it), Tesla owners can now change the sound of their car horn to any number of things.

Farting sound effects, animal noises and even hit songs – nothing is off limits.

One female Tesla owner in the United States decided to take full advantage of this new feature by changing her car horn to play, well, we'll just let you hear it for yourselves...

WARNING: Maybe just lower the volume on your phone or computer before you listen to the below.

3. This surprise sea lion on the road in Washington State

We're always told to drive cautiously in order to anticipate hazards – but it's hard to anticipate the kind of hazard some drivers in Washington State encountered this week.

Washington State Patrol was forced to issue a warning to motorists in the area after a literal sea lion was spotted taking a stroll down the middle of a main road on January 7.

After initially occupying the right-hand side of the road, the sea lion appeared to change lanes to go against the traffic.

While drivers who encountered the confident creature were left perplexed as to how to proceed, the sea lion himself seemed entirely unfazed.

What a seal-y fella (sorry).

4. Elon Musk's whacky reaction to being the world's richest man

We're accustomed to the members of the world's rich list living under a cloud of mystery and intrigue, avoiding the public eye and steering clear of social media and public statements.

Not so for Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the world's newly-minted richest person alive.

Yep, Musk overtook Amazon bigwig Jeff Bezos with a net worth of a whopping US$195 billion (AU$250 billion) after Tesla stock surged once again.

But rather than keeping mum on the viral news story, Musk took to his favourite medium – Twitter – to make an official statement on the news.

His groundbreaking comment? "How strange." He then followed that up with, "Well, back to work..."

Oh, to be an eccentric genius billionaire with no filter.

5. The internet reacts to the new Kia logo

There was plenty of big news outside the automotive industry this week, so you could be forgiven for letting Kia's rebrand pass you by.

Still, it's worth checking out the Korean carmaker's new-look logo, which is accompanied by the slogan "Movement that inspires".

And in amongst all the drama taking place on the world stage this week, people still found time to debate whether the logo was a good or bad call (for example, does it look more like 'KN' or 'KVI' than 'KIA'?).

Below, the best Twitter reactions to the announcement.