Genesis G70 2019 3.3t sport

2020 Genesis G70 3.3T Sport long-term review: Value for money

$55,960 $66,550 Dealer
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Does the Genesis G70 pack enough value for money to steer potentials away from a European?
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We're halfway through the long-term loan of our 2020 Genesis G70 3.3T Sport. By now, all members of the Sydney CarAdvice editorial team have had the chance to reacquaint themselves.

Some common verbatim for you:

"Gee, quite the car. How much is it again? Around $70K?"

"That's cheap – that buys you entry-level European. Surely this packs more spec when you drill down?"

So that's what we'll do today.

In fact, the CarAdvice team hasn't been the only mob drawn to the Genesis G70's potential. I was the car's custodian over the Christmas break, and noticed numerous family, friends and, believe it or not, old mates off the street were also intrigued by its credentials.

Of those, its styling had the most impact. Despite Genesis having revealed its facelifted G70, our car's front-end treatment is still what draws them in. Bold, decorative, and proudly Korean in my books, many have not mistaken it for European.

The same can't be said about the rear, which, depending on the passer-by, either looks like a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, or even an Audi. Ironically, I've probably heard every premium brand under the sun mentioned.

It shows that the Hyundai-owned brand is on the right path. For a while, Genesis was finding it hard to lock down a look that was both unique yet marketable and appealing to premium-segment shoppers.

It is a car designed to fight those mainstay Europeans, though, so it's also only fair that we line two up against our humble G70 to discover whether it's as value-laden as first assumed.

For this exercise, I've chosen a Mercedes-Benz C300 and Jaguar XE P300 R-Dynamic.

Genesis G70Mercedes-Benz C300Jaguar XE P300 R-Dynamic HSE
Engine3.3-litre V6 twin-turbo2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo
Power / torque272kW / 510Nm190kW / 370Nm221kW / 400Nm
TransmissionEight-speed torque converter automaticNine-speed torque converter automaticEight-speed torque converter automatic
Drive typeRear-wheel driveRear-wheel driveRear-wheel drive
0–100km/h time4.7 seconds6.0 seconds6.5 seconds
Fuel claim, combined (ADR)10.2L/100km7.0L/100km6.7L/100km
Boot volume330L455L410L
Warranty (years / km)5 years / unlimited km5 years / unlimited km3 years / 100,000km
Servicing cost (cost / years / km)Free / 5 years / 50,000km$4500 / 5 years / 125,000km$1950 / 5 years / 102,000km
Price (MLP)$72,450$74,700$71,940
Spec-adjusted price (with options added)$74,950$83,085$82,410

When compared in terms of running gear, the Genesis strides ahead. Whereas the other two employ four-cylinder turbocharged engines, now standard fare in most entry to mid-tier European products, the G70 employs a twin-turbo V6.

Great if you value performance, but what about fuel efficiency? Given the Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar have been developed for markets with stricter emissions rules, both offer far better fuel-efficiency figures on paper.

During testing in the real world, we've seen the C300 hover around 7.0L/100km, same for the Jaguar. Our Genesis is currently sitting on 10.0L/100km, which means all are aligned to their official manufacturer claims. If you're planning to purchase any of these choices via a salary-sacrifice plan, and you plan to do well over 20,000km per year, the Europeans will cost you less in this regard.

On the topic of running costs, servicing is another item that can be paid for using your pre-tax income. The Genesis G70 comes with free servicing over a five-year or 50,000km period, whichever comes first.

In order to compare the G70 fairly to the Benz and Jag, which both offer service plans up to 100,000km, you'd have to pay for five more services. With this in mind, its total bill over 10 years, or 100,000km, comes in at $2549. The Jaguar will set you back $1950, and the Merc a whopping $4500.

When you're forecasting running costs for your next lease, be sure to factor everything in. If you were initially attracted to the Genesis, but shied away because of its fuel efficiency, triple-check your numbers.

I found that both Europeans, over a three-year period travelling 15,000km annually, at an average fuel cost of $1.60 per litre, were around $2000 cheaper in terms of fuel alone. In this scenario, you'd not have to pay for servicing the Genesis. That means despite it costing more to fill, it ends up costing the same overall.

In terms of tech, all three cars come well equipped. However, as is the theme with European cars, they do make you pay for trinkets. Think heated seats, wireless charging and adaptive suspension to name a few.

You'll notice a second pricing row in the table above called 'spec-adjusted price'. This line reflects all three cars equipped comparatively.

Our Genesis G70 has a sunroof as its only option, as metallic paint is free across the range.

With the Mercedes-Benz, I applied three options: metallic silver paint ($1154), the Edition C package ($5769) and the Exclusive package ($1462), at a total cost of $8385, or $83,085 in total before on-roads.

As for the Jaguar, it was far more complicated. Mercedes-Benz has cleverly grouped the stuff you want into packages, whereas Jaguar prefers to have a rather long and complicated menu. A total of 10 options were needed to bring the XE in line with the Genesis, which cost $10,470. This saw its list price, before on-roads, rise to $82,410.

It once again proves that research is key. The one attribute we can't value here is brand. To some it matters, and will be enough to turn them away from owning something unknown amongst their peers.

However, if you're already looking at salary packaging or other tax-saving incentives, you're clearly rational. You're being smart trying to get the most from your money. If you extend that ethos to your choice of car, then it's hard not to consider a Genesis G70 as an example.

If you are, be sure to check their dealer footprint first – as the brand lists just two physical showroom in the country.

In terms of value for money however, it's a high performer.