For upwards of $1 million you could score a unique car – and an even more unique celebrity encounter.
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The famous, crime-fighting car from the hit 1980s TV series Knight Rider is up for auction – and the winning bidder could receive a visit from the show's leading man himself, David Hasselhoff.

Known as KITT – an acronym for Knight Industries Two Thousand – the car starred alongside Hasselhoff on the series as his highly advanced, artificially intelligent, indestructible, talking sidekick.

While several cars were used for filming on the show, this particular vehicle is personally owned by Hasselhoff and is being auctioned off as part of the 'Hoff Auction' – a mass sale of the actor's personal memorabilia collection from his various movie and television roles.

The listing, located on the Live Auctioneers website, says that if the car's sale price exceeds 25 per cent above its reserve, "the Hoff will personally deliver the car to the new owner".

While the exact reserve price is not shared on the listing, it's likely to meet this target given it was originally estimated to sell for between US$175,000-$300,000 and bidding has already reached US$875,000 (AU$1.127 million).

The car is said to be "fully functional", but likely lacks the witty banter, self-driving capabilities and hidden weaponry of the original.

Instead, the converted 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am has a technicolour dashboard display, beige velour seats and a gullwing steering wheel.

This particular car is currently located in the United Kingdom, so international buyers will have to cover the cost of shipping along with the purchase price.

It's not clear whether the 'Hoff is willing to travel overseas to make good on his promise, but one lucky buyer is set to find out.

To see the original KITT in action, watch the video below from the 2:45 mark.