Florida dealer gives away an AK-47 with every truck sold

Sales of pick-up trucks at a US dealership have tripled after the sales manager offered new customers a free AK-47 assault rifle with every vehicle purchased.
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General sales manager at the Florida-based Nations Trucks dealership, Nick Ginetta, started the campaign last week to align with Veterans Day commemorations in the US.

Mr Ginetta is not simply giving away the assault rifles like floor mats, however. Customers are given a $US400 voucher for the local firearms store which can be redeemed for the $US900 gun.

Mr Ginetta reserved 100 AK-47s at wholesale prices and has so far given away 21 vouchers, far exceeding his initial expectations.

The offer was planned to continue only until the end of November, but Mr Ginetta says he now plans to offer the guns until they have sold out.

Ironically, Nations Trucks’ slogan emblazoned across its website reads: “We sell trucks, not gimmicks!”

Owning a rifle in Florida is relatively simple. Prospective owners must pass an application process at a state and federal level, which includes a background check by police.

Owners must be US citizens but do not need a licence.

Customers at Mr Ginetta’s dealership also have the option of using the voucher on other products at the gun store, or simply claiming the $US400 in cash.