Which reviews were most popular with CarAdvice readers in 2020?
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Yesterday we took a look at the vehicle models which garnered the most review-reads in 2020, but what happens when we break it down further and look at the individual reviews you read most?

There were some big launches across a lot of key segments in a year where traditional launch programs and motor shows were all but non-existent.

New models, first-time players and refreshed favourites were the order of the year, and what follows are the top 20 specific vehicle reviews you read in 2020...

20. Kia Sorento (local launch): 8.2/10
September 2020
"Kia's all-new large SUV promises to be better in every respect, but is it enough to take on such polished segment leaders?"

19. Toyota RAV4 GX: 8.3/10
May 2020
"Toyota’s latest-generation RAV4 has stormed to the top of the sales charts and is currently our favourite mid-sized SUV. But does it still appeal in its most basic form?"

18. Toyota GR Supra GTS (MY20): 8.4/10
January 2020
"Sensible, conservative Toyota has taken leave of its senses. Mainstream cars are good to drive again, and its second new-gen sports car, the Supra, is a fitting halo for the brand."

17. Toyota LandCruiser Prado GXL (MY20): 7.9/10
January 2020
"Toyota's perennial golden goose continues to dominate the sales charts, amongst plenty of updated competition. Is it still the smart choice?"

16. Subaru XV Hybrid: 7.3/10
June 2020
"Subaru joins the hybrid party with its small SUV. So how does the 2020 Subaru XV Hybrid stack up?"

15. Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander V6 (MY20): 8.6/10
January 2020
"The return of V6 petrol power to the Hyundai Santa Fe has lifted what was already an accomplished SUV to another level."

14. Mitsubishi ASX Exceed: 7.5/10
January 2020
"The Exceed variant is the best 2020 Mitsubishi ASX money can buy, but is a fourth refresh enough to hide its age?"

13. Volkswagen T-Roc (local launch): 7.9/10
May 2020
"Volkswagen is finally fighting in the small-SUV battleground. Is the T-Roc too late to the party?"

12. Land Rover Defender (international launch): 8.5/10
March 2020
"Beyond those somewhat familiar looks, the 2020 Defender is completely new. Does it carry on the proud traditions of England's famous off-roader?"

11. Toyota HiLux SR 4X4 (MY20): 7.8/10
February 2020
"The Toyota HiLux SR offers up a more affordable alternative to the favourite SR5. It's a better workhorse, too, for those of you wanting to actually use their dual-cab."

10. Ford Everest Sport: 8.2/10
March 2020
"'No colours anymore, I want them to turn black,' say the Rolling Stones. The 2020 Ford Everest Sport is on the case – but is it worth the extra spend?"

9. Volkswagen T-Cross (local launch): 8.1/10
May 2020
"Volkswagen’s T-Cross represents one part of a two-prong attack on the compact-SUV space. Is the cheaper, smaller SUV the better pick?"

8. Kia Seltos: 8.3/10
September 2020
"The Kia Seltos only landed in showrooms at the start of this year, but it’s already climbing the ranks in a competitive segment – it’s not hard to see why."

7. Kia Telluride (international drive): no rating
June 2020
"Kia’s largest-ever SUV has won awards globally and in North America. Here’s hoping it comes to Australian showrooms."

6. Isuzu D-Max (local launch): 8.5/10
August 2020
"New engine, chassis, suspension, tech and interior. Isuzu’s new ute threatens to jump from dunce to dux in one fell swoop."

5. Toyota Yaris Cross (local launch): 7.6/10
November 2020
"Toyota has finally joined the booming city SUV segment, with a high-riding Yaris available with petrol or hybrid power."

4. MG HS (local launch): 7.8/10
February 2020
"The MG HS is a significant step forward for the brand in Australia, and it isn't just about the sharp pricing. It is a compelling competitor in the medium-SUV segment."

3. Mazda CX-30 (local launch): 8.2/10
February 2020
"Mazda's newest SUV is pretty much a '3' hatchback on stilts, with a more sensible design and a higher price. It bisects the Nissan Qashqais and Audi Q2s of the world, and while it's short on surprises, it delivers the goods."

2. Toyota HiLux SR5 (local launch): 8.2/10
August 2020
"Australia’s top-selling vehicle has had its first major overhaul since going on sale in 2015. Has the Toyota HiLux done enough to retain number one?"

1. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Cruiser AWD: 8.6/10
August 2020
"The hybrid RAV4 is a runaway success story, but as those who’ve never driven one might be wondering, is Toyota’s crowd-pleasing SUV a little overrated? The answer depends on your priorities."

What was your favourite review of 2020? Let us know in the comments below.