We count down the most-read models in our 2020 reviews.
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Reviews are the backbone of what we do here at CarAdvice, and during 2020 we published 523 of them, covering some 271 different makes and models.

But what was the car you cared to read about the most? And more importantly, which one topped the ratings?

Here are the models that made up our top 10 most read reviews...

10 - Mazda3

Four reviews, with two of them looking at the new Mazda3 SkyActiv-X, in one of which Justin asks if "Mazda's Skyactiv-X mild-hybrid system worth an extra $3000?"

Average score: 8.2/10

9 - Toyota Corolla

One of Australia's favourite small cars, the Toyota Corolla, had five reviews covering the hatch and sedan, plus a New Zealand road trip.

Average score: 8.3/10

8 - Ford Ranger

Four reviews of the Ranger were published during 2020, which included some dust, some mud, some snow and our first-ever look at the 4x2 XLT Hi-Rider that, despite its silly name, seems to make a lot of sense.

Average score: 8.4/10

7 - Mazda CX-30

It was a big year for Mazda's newest SUV, which launched locally in February 2020. We ran a long-term CX-30 during the year, which accounts for five of the nine reviews.

Average score: 8.0/10

6 - Nissan Navara

Nissan's venerable Navara ute still proved popular with CarAdvice readers and new-car buyers alike, especially the Australian-developed Warrior 4x4. Over the past 12 months, we looked at the updated ST, as well as the multi-faceted capabilities of our long-term Warrior.

Average score: 7.9/10

5 - Hyundai i30

Hyundai merged the Elantra into the i30 line-up with the launch of the all-new i30 Sedan. We published six reviews of the i30 range, including a final look at the pre-facelift hatch and a sneak peek at the upcoming DCT-equipped, facelifted i30 N.

Average score: 8.1/10

4 - Volkswagen Golf

It was a mixture of old and new from the three Golf reviews: the last R and GTI TCR of the 7.5-generation car, plus a first look at the new Mk8 GTI from its European launch.

Average score: 8.4/10

3 - Toyota LandCruiser

Our LandCruiser reviews include the Prado, 200 Series and 70 Series 4X4s. We published ten in all, which included a few reviews on each model, plus a five-part story on building up a 79 Series for off-road touring.

Average score: 7.8/10

2 - Toyota RAV4

Australia's number-one car, the RAV4, had three reviews, the most popular of which was, naturally, the most popular model in terms of sales, the RAV4 Hybrid.

Average score: 8.4/10

1 - Toyota HiLux

A mid-cycle update saw the best-selling HiLux take the top spot among in-demand reviews. We published nine reviews, covering both pre- and post-update models.

Average score: 7.9/10

So what was the highest rated car the team reviewed for 2020?

It was late to the party, but it certainly arrived with a bang! Our top-scoring car for 2020 (and the only road test to achieve a score of 9 or higher) was the Toyota GR Yaris. Score: 9.0/10

"Toyota didn't just modify the Yaris. It went so far as to make a whole new one instead. The GR Yaris is proper road-car royalty. It's a product of motorsport, sold in a showroom, with a warranty, which can be driven around with numberplates."

To paraphrase the Remington man, Justin loved it so much, he bought one himself.

Any surprises here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

For a more detailed look, come back tomorrow for our rundown of the top-25 most-read individual reviews. Some match the list above, and some don't, but the question begs: what will top the list for 2021?