Nissan Motor Company has announced it is preparing a 'rapid-reaction task force' to be on the ready for when the Nissan Leaf is launched next month. The company wants to tackle any niggles the electric car may have as early as possibly.
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Nissan doesn't really know what to expect with the new Nissan Leaf, as a range of new technologies will be used for the first time, for the company, in a mainstream car. There's the electric motors to worry about, as well as inverters and lithium ion batteries, which all present new territory for the mechanics and customers.

The task force will consist of a team of technicians who are especially trained in the workings of the battery-driven drivetrain on the Leaf, and will be on call to help out any customers who could be experiencing problems. Up to 30 mechanics and 10 lead engineers will make up the team, to be based in Los Angles, America.

Nissan will initiate the 'task force' in America and will deploy a similar setup in Japan and Europe upon the Leaf launch in local markets.