Volkswagen Group to buy Ferrari shares?

Volkswagen Group pretty much owns a slice of every car market out there, ranging from cheap Seats to all-out Lamborghini and Bugatti hypercars, even through to rich-rolling Bentley land yachts. It also owns one of the most recognisable sports car brands and shapes out there; Porsche.
- shares

Rumours circulating say the 'Group is now thinking of buying stakes in Ferrari, even though it isn't currently up for sale. About a month ago, Fiat boss, Sergio Marchionne, hinted that he wanted to raise more funds for the Fiat and Chrysler partnership and was thinking of selling off a certain amount of Ferrari shares in an initial public offering type deal.

Volkswagen has been selling well lately, and reports to have around US$27 billion (about AU$27 billion) in profits sitting around. Volkswagen chairman, Ferdinand Piech, has mentioned he would like to add the Italian super-brand, or some of it, to the Volkswagen collection. Although, both of these expressions by the brand bosses are just 'dreams' at the moment, and no plans have been made.

Ideas may have since sizzled out, but if auto giant Volkswagen is waving some cash around, it might come time for Fiat to sell off some of its assets for revenue, if it wants to remain as a competitive brand on an international level.

A German Ferrari though, what do you think?