2012 Porsche 911 spy shots

Looking, pretty much the same as the current model Porsche 911, this new 2012 Porsche 911 was recently caught road testing somewhere in Europe with very little masking... or so it seemed.
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The first obvious change we see on the car is the addition of a rear hip air intake for the engine. This is normally only reserved for the turbocharged models such as the 911 Turbo and 911 GT2 variants. But, don't be fooled. On this test car it is just a sticker. Why? We're not sure, perhaps to deter and confuse onlookers.

Other changes include a new front bumper bar sporting more open and aggressive intakes in the front lower corners, and also a sharper bottom lip. There's also new headlights underneath slight masking, and what appears to be LED lights on the crest of the bumper bar.

There's also new circular spotlights recessed into the sides of the bumper. From the side, the new car appears fairly similar to the existing model featuring the same 'grab' door handles, pillar-less doors and overall clean smooth lines.

The new car does appear to feature an upgraded brake package though, including larger cross-drilled discs and six or eight piston bright red calipers.

From the rear profile shot we can see a tiny little lip spoiler is now existent, running along the lines from the top of the tail lights... it kind of looks like an old Porsche 928, too, with its curved bottom.

From this angle we can also see the tail lights are just a big sticker panel that goes all the way up to the wheel arch, or at least some kind of masking? (Click to zoom in on the image). Expect a revised tail light design underneath, possibly featuring LED lighting.

Appearing quite wide compared to the current 911, this version almost looks like it could be a Carrera 4, or at least sport the Carrera 4 wide body. From here we can also see the two rear pillars blending down to that rear lip. These pillars are much more pronounced and sharper than the existing 997.

Rear venting for the engine also includes a revised and bigger, more open three-louver design.

No word as to when this new model will hit the market yet. We'll be sure to provide you with more details and engine specifications as soon as it comes to hand.