Transport Minister loses driving licence

In what must be a world first, the Czech Republic has taken the honour of being the only country in the developed world where the national transport minister doesn't have a driving licence.
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Minister Vit Barta lost his licence for six months after being caught driving his Maserati with a fake number plate.

That raises all kinds of intriguing questions. Firstly, why is the transport minister incapable of getting a real number plate? Secondly, do all East European ministers drive Maseratis?

The not-so-hefty 5,000 koruna ($280) penalty will only serve as a minor hindrance but the shame of having no licence for six months will no doubt be a memory not soon forgotten.

Mr Barta told the police officers who had pulled him over that he had lost his original number plate whilst driving on a dirt road (because that's what you would do in a Maserati...) and he was simply using the fake plate till he could get a replacement.