Plenty to come from Nissan in 2021, including its new-look Navara.
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Nissan has seen a decline in sales of 27 per cent year on year in 2020. When you compare this to the market overall, which is down 16 per cent, this sounds rather significant, however a continuation of November's rebound is expected this month, keeping in mind the aforementioned figures only cover up to the end of November.

Looking ahead to 2021, we'll see various updates for many of Nissan's more popular offerings. The Leaf e+ electric vehicle is expected early next year, promising buyers a bigger battery and more power than the standard, 40kWh Leaf variant currently on sale.

The strong-selling Navara ute will receive a facelift in the first quarter of the year, with a refreshed look and new technology.

Nissan's popular X-Trail will also be getting a significant overhaul. While exact specifications available in Australia are still to be confirmed, we do know that it's arriving in the second half of 2021, around a year after its initial unveiling.

Meanwhile, the new-generation Nissan Qashqai and Pathfinder SUVs are expected to be unveiled in full in the next six to nine months, with Australian launches expected to occur in the 12-18 months after.

Additionally, the hotly-anticipated Nissan 400Z sports car is expected between 2021 and 2023, looking near-identical to the Z Proto concept.

ModelWhat's new?SegmentDue
Leaf e +New variantSmall > $40,000Q1 2021
NavaraFacelift4x4 and 4x2 uteQ1 2021
X-TrailNew modelMedium SUVQ3 2021
400ZNew modelSports < $80kTo be confirmed
QashqaiNew modelSmall SUVTo be confirmed
PathfinderNew modelLarge SUVTo be confirmed