Red Bull X1 Gran Turismo car brought to life

One of the main attractions to the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 driving game has been brought to life; the Red Bull X1. It was a concept developed digitally in conjunction with Polyphony creators as well as the Red Bull technical development centre, but now the car is for real.
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In the game, the car features a gas turbine engine, but in the flesh it 'only' gets a twin-turbo V6 producing 1106kW of power. It's also said to be the pinnacle car, the fastest car in the game. We'll have to wait and see this thing on the track to see if reality measured up to the virtual world though.

A release date for the game is apparently set for just after Christmas, with Gran Turismo 5 creator recently saying the discs are been stamped as we speak... but when the game actually goes on sale is anyone's guess.

Check out the latest trailer and Sebastian Vettel wrestling the virtual Red Bull X1 in the videos below for more anticipation-building teases.