Retro-inspired EV to be unveiled in February, with 800-volt charging and mid-size SUV shape.
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UPDATE, 13 January 2021: New teaser images of the 2021 Hyundai Ioniq 5 have been released this morning, providing our first official look at the production car's design.

Those familiar with the 45 EV concept car unveiled in 2019 will find few surprises with the showroom-ready Ioniq 5's design, with the latter retaining the show car's retro-inspired styling and high-riding shape.

The concept's pixel-like headlights and tail-lights carry over with few changes, while other styling details of note include 20-inch aerodynamically-optimised alloy wheels and a clamshell bonnet, with the new Ioniq EV the first Hyundai Group model to feature the latter.

Hyundai has also revealed a five-minute charge on a compatible fast charger will add up to 100km of WLTP-rated range.

The 2021 Ioniq 5 will make its full debut in February 2021. An Australian launch is scheduled for later in 2021.

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11 December 2020: The 2021 Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric vehicle has been teased overnight.

While the 30-second video (bottom of story) released by the Korean carmaker doesn't provide a glimpse at the Ioniq 5 itself, it confirms an 'early 2021' unveiling date for the EV, with some overseas rumours pointing to the covers coming off in full in January.

The video focuses on three "key differentiators" offered with the upcoming Hyundai EV, each representing a specific feature.

‘Extra Power for Life’ refers to the Ioniq 5's 'vehicle-to-load', bi-directional charging functionality, capable of supplying up to 3.5kW of power – enough to power a "mid-sized" air conditioning unit and a 55-inch television for 24 hours, or even another EV.

Above: A prototype Hyundai Ioniq 5 spied testing in Europe.

'Extra Time for You' references the EV's fast-charging capabilities, while 'Extraordinary Experiences' alludes to the vehicle's "soon-to-be announced array of features."

The Ioniq 5 – the first model to be launched under Hyundai's Ioniq all-electric sub-brand – will take the shape of a mid-size SUV, with spy shots indicating its styling will take heavy inspiration from the Hyundai 45 EV concept unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt motor show, featuring the show car's retro-inspired design, pixel-heavy front and rear LED lighting and creased surfacing.

The Ioniq 5 will also be the first model underpinned by Hyundai and Kia's new modular E-GMP electric architecture. Detailed earlier this month, the rear-wheel-drive-based E-GMP platform makes use of a 800-volt charging architecture which, combined with DC fast charging at up to 350kW, should allow for a zero to 80 per cent charge in just 18 minutes.

WLTP-rated driving ranges of over 500 kilometres are on the cards, while flagship all-wheel-drive models can complete the 0-100km/h sprint in under 3.5 seconds, towards a top speed of 260km/h.

Above: The upcoming Hyundai Ioniq range, consisting of the Ioniq 5 mid-size SUV (right), Ioniq 6 sedan (left) and Ioniq 7 large SUV (centre).

While exact specifications have yet to be confirmed, reports from online publication The Korean Car Blog point towards two battery options being offered with the Ioniq 5: an entry-level 58kWh unit offering 354km of range, and a higher-spec 73kWh pack capable of 450km.

UPDATE, 13 January 2021: Leaked details published in December 2020 have since confirmed a 550km range when fitted with the 73kWh battery, plus a 230kW total power output and a 5.2-second 0-100km/h time. Click here for more details.

The publication claims the Ioniq 5 will measure in at 4635mm long, 1890mm wide and 1605mm tall, with a 3000mm wheelbase. If correct, those dimensions would make the EV just 5mm shorter than the long-wheelbase, mid-size Tucson, and match the large Santa Fe for width, yet just 50mm taller than the city-sized Venue for height.

The 2021 Hyundai Ioniq 5 will make its full debut in early 2021, ahead of an Australian launch in the first half of next year.