The Amazon-owned start-up – which was founded by Australian designer and animator Tim Kentley-Klay in 2014 – will unveil its robotaxi early next week.
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California-based autonomous tech developer Zoox is preparing to unveil its first driverless car next week, however it appears the cat is already out of the bag.

The all-electric vehicle – which CarAdvice understands will use LiDAR technology to navigate obstacles and be capable of bi-directional travel thanks to its symmetrical design – was snapped outside the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco over the weekend.

Reports from Twitter suggest advertising and promotional content for the launch was being filmed at the time.

Little else is known about the robotaxi, however the images suggest it will have bus-like sliding doors on each side and room for at least four centre-facing seats.

Amazon bought the company – which was founded in 2014 by Australian designer and animator Tim Kentley-Klay – earlier this year for an estimated US$1.2 billion (AU$1.61 billion).

Kentley-Klay personally engineered the prototype, however it is unclear how much this production model deviates from the original design.

Zoox is one of a small handful of organisations with approval to test autonomous vehicles on public roads in California without a default driver.

CarAdvice has reached out to Zoox for comment on the upcoming launch. This story will be updated with its response.