Mazda has just rolled out its nine millionth car from the Hofu manufacturing plant in Japan. Nine million in 28 years of a production, since the plant first opened in 1982.
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The rise from eight million to nine million was said to have taken just over two years because of the increasingly popular Mazda3 series, and its vast international sales. Mazda was understandably excited about the milestone. Nariaki Uchida, Mazda executive officer and the Hofu Plant's general manager, said recently,

"I would like to thank all our valued customers, business partners and everyone in the Hofu community. Without your support, we would not be here today celebrating nine million units of production."

The company and plant workers are now concentrating on reaching the ten million mark. With a total production capacity of approximately 481,000 units per year at both the Hofu Plant No.1 and Hofu Plant No.2,the target could be reached in as little as two years.

It's a sound reflection of Mazda's great contribution to the automotive world. Well done Mazda.