Toyota's luxury car brand, Lexus, has just topped US luxury car sales for October and outsold the German rivals for the first time in five months.
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Lexus reported monthly sales of 21,091, a rise by 8.1 percent. Compared to BMW - who sold 19,272, and Mercedes-Benz - who sold 18,351, it's a surprising result for the company that has had to deal with millions of recalls and recall-related issues lately.

Lexus has been the top-selling luxury brand in the US since 2000, but as the German rivals have said on a number of occasions; they both wish to take top spot from Lexus and aim to do so with their own strategies. It doesn't look those strategies have paid off yet though, it seems.

So far this year, Lexus has outsold the rivals and has sold 183,529 units compared to 178,080 Mercedes-Benz sales and 176,736 BMW sales - these don't isolate the 'luxury' cars either and include BMW's small cars and Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles, and yet still, Lexus is ahead.

It looks like Toyota's luxury brand isn't as affected by the recall issues as one might have assumed, and has soldiered through with positive marketing campaigns offering good customer-tailored incentives.