Suzuki has announced a worldwide recall which will affect 280,000 customers, although just over 6000 of those are in Australia. The recall affects the Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Swift Sport and Suzuki SX4.
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It's all down to the external rear-view mirrors. The report says the mirrors are secured onto the car by three screws. These screws are also meant to be combined with a special adhesive, except in the case of the vehicles affected, this adhesive is not present.

In the worst case scenario, the screws may become loose and the mirror will vibrate. Obviously, this is not a big deal but since it affects a decent amount of cars we thought some of you may like to know. Especially if you find the mirror on your Suzuki starts vibrating; at least now you'll know why.

CarAdvice spoke to Andrew Ellis of Suzuki Australia who said owners of the cars will be receiving a letter in the next fortnight, advising them to take their cars to a Suzuki dealer to have the problem rectified.

Specific models are:

VIN Range:

Swift Sport
JSAEZC31S00204009 - JSAEZC31S00204880

JSAEZC21S00550104 - JSAEZC21S00558681

JSAGYA41S00110004 - JSAGYA41S00201588
JSAGYC41S00100015 - JSAGYC41S00201097