Nissan Qashqai SUV

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Nissan is set to launch a brand new compact SUV crossover in Europe in 2007. Nissan says that the oddly named Qashqai SUV will be launched in February and after its European launch, Australia might be considered. Nevertheless, even in the best case scenario that we do get the car in Australia, it won't make it here till 2008.

"If the vehicle does make sense for the Australian market and we can get the sums right, I think we would be really keen to have it here as soon as we can," Lenore Fletcher, Nissan Spokeswoman says.

Firstly, how do you pronounce Qashqai? When I first read the name, it was a little, odd. Coming from Iran, Qashqai is a tribal name! What the heck is Nissan calling their car after them? Who cares? It sounds .. cool and you pronounce it as Cash-Kay.

Secondly, the car started life looking like this (the blue concept car) and now that its gone into production it looks this.

So far, the specifications are pretty good for the Europeans. The Qashaqi (its really hard to type!) will be available in four different engine sizes!

  1. 1.6-litre Petrol
  2. 2.9-litre petrol
  3. 1.5-litre Diesel
  4. 2.0-litre diesels.

Different transmission types are also available for each model.

"It's a car that has created a new segment almost in that it sort of sits between C segment hatches and compact four-wheel drives. It's a very funky-looking car and it should appeal to a lot of people." Fletcher says.

I can see what your thinking, cause I was thinking it too, isn't it just a Nissan Murano? Well not really, its actually a lot smaller, and the engines aren't nearly as big as those found in the Murano. Nissan says that if/when the Qashqai comes to Australia, we would be looking at around 50,000 for the car.