Weeks after the pick-up was revealed, GM has shown off its Hummer SUV in the background of an event.
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General Motors' new fully-electric Hummer has shown up in SUV form.

While the Hummer pick-up was revealed last month, this is the first time the wagon body has made an appearance in public.

Compared with the pick-up's unveiling, the Hummer SUV variant was presented without any fanfare at all, merely turning up in the background of a conference call with company investors.

A member of the internet forum HummerChat.com shared a screenshot of the event, providing a first proper look at the new SUV since it was first teased in July 2020.

The 2021 GMC Hummer was announced with 735kW and 2033Nm from its electric motors, powered by a 200kWh battery pack. Range is said to be around 560km.

GMC claims the Hummer can hit 100km/h from a standstill in a touch over three seconds, while its four-wheel steering allows the vehicle to move diagonally with a feature called 'crab mode'.