Become an armchair expert with this list of last week’s biggest or most interesting news stories.
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MG launched Australia’s cheapest EV – and the first shipment sold out within a week. But you might be able to find one if you follow this guide.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle about Toyota GR Yaris Rallye pricing (Toyota says it hasn’t been locked in yet and information shared so far is “pure speculation”).

The internet speculated the new Subaru BRZ might have rear-wheel steering, based on the angle of the latest leaked image.

We went into detail about exactly what Toyota has done to address DPF issues on Hilux, Prado and Fortuner.

The South Australian government announced a plan to tax electric cars in lieu of fuel excise, to help pay their way on our roads.

GMSV dealers in Australia are reportedly holding at least 100 orders for the new Corvette – more than a year before it is due in local showrooms and long before price has been announced.

Volvo is recalling more than 2500 cars in Australia after a death in the US linked to a faulty airbag.

And an AMG Mercedes-Benz wrestled back the title of world's fastest sedan from Porsche at the Nurburging.