As we reported yesterday, Toyota is planning to sell one million hybrids a year early next decade, in order to that though, the Japanese giant needs to invest heavily in many new models and hybrid variants. This is the first of many to come.
Toyota A-BAT hybrid pickup concept
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Named the A-BAT hybrid pickup concept, this little compact ute will be officially unveiled at next year's Detroit Motor Show (we will be there to bring you exclusive photos).

Powered by Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, Toyota says the A-BAT will bring good fuel economy as well as modern functionality and "car-like handling" to the compact pickup segment.

Toyota A-BAT hybrid pickup concept

It wouldn't be a concept if it didn't do something cool, and it does. The A-BAT has built in translucent solar panels in the top surface of the instrument panel, allowing it to convert sunlight into energy for the hybrid engine.

The A-BAT also receives a four-foot bed that stretches to six-feet when the tailgate is opened. A first aid kit, flashlight, sliding tie downs, and an AC power outlet are all integrated into the tailgate.

Toyota A-BAT hybrid pickup concept

You can also check your email and browse the web thanks to a 7-inch screen connected via Wi-Fi. The car also includes an advanced MP3 player with a hard drive.

Will it make it to production? It will depend on the reaction it receives in Detriot, but given Toyota's hybrid goals, it would seem likely.