RTA plans 40 more mobile speed cameras for NSW

The RTA and mobile speed camera contractors are about to launch 40 more covert speed cameras in NSW. This is a massive increase on the $2.1 million Redflex contract currently underway, which only operates six mobile camera cars.
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It doesn't take a mathematics genius to figure out the cost of such an operation, which will be paid for using tax-payer's money of course. The most annoying and frustrating part is there's going to be a new 'seven step' incentive program which offers commission-like bonuses for the contractors based on the number of tickets they issue - key performance indicator (KPI).

An RTA spokesman recently told The Daily Telegraph,

"Contractors can earn up to 11 per cent more if performing perfectly on all KPIs and could be deducted 14 per cent if KPIs are not met."

Reports say other incentives include; bonuses based on the quality of the images taken of the speeding drivers as well as how fast the tickets can be filed to the RTA. Meeting these ideal requirements, as said, will give contractors the chance to pocket up to 11 percent more income per month.

So, the government is paying contractors, using our money, to buy 'action shots' in a buy-and-sell money-making scheme for maximum profit. And it is 'profit', this is no longer between the RTA and the police (government organisations), this is now external trading. One cannot begin to exhaust how ridiculous this is in just a single breath.

It's no longer a matter of whether or not speed cameras are a revenue raising exercise instead of an initiative setup to save lives; it's now down to the projected revenue the cameras can potentially raise, like a business forecast. Proctor Law defence lawyer, Peter Proctor, was quoted as saying in the Telegraph report,

"It is disturbing to note that these operators are on an incentive scheme. This is now a money-making business at the expense of the people."

The 40 new mobile cameras are planned to be in operation by July, 2011.