BMW has launched design plans for a 'green' car garage which incorporates solar, wind and compressed natural gas to accommodate electric vehicles (EVs), plugin hybrids and other biofuel cars.
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The garage is planned to be built at the Denver International Airport and will provide undercover space for up 4200 vehicles. The car park also features a valet service for automatic parking, supplemented by in-house shuttle-bus services.

It will also feature a 'juice bar' service which will provide a recharge for all standard production EV and plugin hybrid cars. The best part about this service is that it will be free of charge... well, the recharging part anyway. To gain entrance into the car park there is of course a fee, but still, utilising wind and sun for recharging purposes is a step in the right direction we'd say.

BMW DesignworksUSA is hoping the car park will welcome the breed of new eco-friendly cars by providing such accommodating facilities, and help the infrastructure become more green conscious. The car park is scheduled to be up and running by this year's Christmas season.