Nissan Leaf drives 187km on single charge

Nissan Leaf, the yet-to-be released all-electric vehicle that Nissan says should be able to drive 160km on a single charge, is proving to be more convenient and eco-friendly than first suspected.
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Plugin Cars journalist, Nick Chambers, has just driven a Nissan Leaf example 187km on a single charge. He says he didn't nurse the car the entire way either, driving from Nissan's US headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee to the Jack Daniel distillery in Lynchburg.

The route included small suburbs, light traffic with lights and various country roads. Chambers said he did have the car's air-conditioning system switched on for much of the journey as well.

These days, manufacturer's claims can be a little misleading especially as fuel consumption figures become a big part of the car selection process and makers become more competitive. The Nissan Leaf's 24kWh battery however, has just proven it can out-range the claims under real-world driving conditions.